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Thompson Industrial Services is an established and proven leader in the industrial cleaning business. We are strategically located throughout the Eastern United States. Few companies can match our quality, safety, integrity and diversity. We perform industrial cleaning in industries such as paper mills, steel mills, nuclear plants, manufacturing, refineries, automotive, power plants and chemical plants.

If you would like to apply for a job with Thompson Industrial Services, please click on the state in which you wish to work and begin the online application process:

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  Position Title City State  
 Administrative Manager-Columbus, MS Columbus MS  
 Big Pump Operator/CDL Driver-Shreveport, LA Bossier City LA  
 Big Pump Operator/CDL Driver-Sumter, SC Decatur AL  
 Big Pump Operator/CDL Driver-Sumter, SC Sumter SC  
 Big Pump Technician-Shreveport, LA Bossier City LA  
 Big Pump Technician-Sumter, SC Sumter SC  
 Center of Excellence Specialist-Sumter, SC Sumter SC  
 Chemical Field Service Engineer Sumter SC  
 Chemical Operator/CDL Driver-Sumter, SC Sumter SC  
 Chemical Technician-Memphis, TN Memphis TN  
 Crew Leader-Macon, GA Macon GA  
 Crew Leader-Perry, FL Jacksonville FL  
 Crew Leader-Rockwood, TN Athens TN  
 Crew Leader-Savannah, GA Savannah GA  
 Crew Leader-Valero,Memphis, TN Location Memphis TN  
 Diesel Mechanic Sumter SC  
 Diesel Mechanic-Shreveport, LA Bossier City LA  
 Housekeeping/Janitorial-Ahoskie, NC Cofield NC  
 Leadership Developmenmt Program-Memphis, TN Memphis TN  
 Leadership Development Program-Ahoskie, NC Cofield NC  
 Leadership Development Program-Athens, TN Athens TN  
 Leadership Development Program-Augusta, GA Augusta GA  
 Leadership Development Program-Baton Rouge, LA St. Gabriel LA  
 Leadership Development Program-Big Pump/Shreveport, LA Riegelwood NC  
 Leadership Development Program-Big Pump/Sumter, SC Sumter SC  
 Leadership Development Program-Buckner, KY Buckner KY  
 Leadership Development Program-Charleston, SC Charleston SC  
 Leadership Development Program-Charlotte, NC Charlotte NC  
 Leadership Development Program-Chemical/Memphis, TN Memphis TN  
 Leadership Development Program-Chemical/Sumter, SC Sumter SC  
 Leadership Development Program-Columbus, MS Columbus MS  
 Leadership Development Program-Decatur, AL Decatur AL  
 Leadership Development Program-FINFOAM St. Gabriel LA  
 Leadership Development Program-Georgetown, SC Georgetown SC  
 Leadership Development Program-Hopewell, VA Hopewell VA  
 Leadership Development Program-Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville FL  
 Leadership Development Program-Owensboro, KY Owensboro KY  
 Leadership Development Program-Shreveport, LA Bossier City LA  
 Leadership Development Program-Sumter, SC Sumter SC  
 Leadership Development Program-Texarkana Bossier City LA  
 Leadership Development Program-Wilmington, NC Riegelwood NC  
 Operator w/ CDL-Macon, GA Macon GA  
 Operator w/ CDL-Rockwood, TN Athens TN  
 Operator w/CDL-Charleston, SC Charleston SC  
 Operator/CDL Driver FINFOAM Baton Rouge, LA St. Gabriel LA  
 Operator/CDL Driver VALERO Memphis, TN Memphis TN  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Ahoskie, NC Cofield NC  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Augusta, GA Augusta GA  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Baton Rouge, LA St. Gabriel LA  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Buckner, KY Buckner KY  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Canton, NC Athens TN  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Charlotte, NC Charlotte NC  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Columbus, MS Columbus MS  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Covington, VA Hopewell VA  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Hopewell, VA Hopewell VA  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Maysville, KY Buckner KY  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Memphis, TN Memphis TN  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Owensboro, KY Owensboro KY  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Rome, GA Athens TN  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Shreveport, LA Bossier City LA  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Sumter, SC Sumter SC  
 Operator/CDL Driver-Wilmington, NC Riegelwood NC  
 Operator/CDL-Decatur, AL Decatur AL  
 Operator/CDL-Georgetown, SC Georgetown SC  
 Operator/CDL-Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville FL  
 Operator/CDL-Perry, FL Jacksonville FL  
 Operator/CDL-Savannah, GA Savannah GA  
 Operators-Freeport,TX Freeport TX  
 Operators/CDL-Athens, TN Athens TN  
 Project Manager-Augusta, GA Augusta GA  
 Regional Human Resource Manager Central St. Gabriel LA  
 Regional Human Resource Manager Central Memphis TN  
 Regional Human Resource Manager Central Buckner KY  
 Regional Safety Manager-South Central St. Gabriel LA  
 South Central Recruiter-KY Buckner KY  
 South Central Recruiter-LA St. Gabriel LA  
 Superintendent-Savannah, GA Savannah GA  
 Superintendent-Shreveport, LA Bossier City LA  
 Superintendent/Crew Leader Owensboro KY  
 Technician-Ahoskie, NC Cofield NC  
 Technician-Athens, TN Athens TN  
 Technician-Augusta, GA Augusta GA  
 Technician-Baton Rouge, LA St. Gabriel LA  
 Technician-Buckner, KY Buckner KY  
 Technician-Canton, NC Athens TN  
 Technician-Charleston, SC Charleston SC  
 Technician-Charlotte, NC Charlotte NC  
 Technician-Columbus, MS Columbus MS  
 Technician-Decatur, AL Decatur AL  
 Technician-FINFOAM Baton Rouge, LA St. Gabriel LA  
 Technician-Georgetown, SC Georgetown SC  
 Technician-Gibson, IN Owensboro KY  
 Technician-Hopewell, VA Hopewell VA  
 Technician-Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville FL  
 Technician-Macon, GA Macon GA  
 Technician-Maysville, KY Buckner KY  
 Technician-Memphis, TN Memphis TN  
 Technician-Owensboro, KY Owensboro KY  
 Technician-Perry, FL Jacksonville FL  
 Technician-Rockwood, TN Athens TN  
 Technician-Rome, GA Athens TN  
 Technician-Savannah, GA Savannah GA  
 Technician-Shreveport, LA Bossier City LA  
 Technician-Sumter, SC Sumter SC  
 Technician-Texarkana Bossier City LA  
 Technician-VALERO Memphis, TN Memphis TN  
 Technician-Wilmington, NC(Riegelwood) Riegelwood NC  
 Technician-ZEON Buckner, KY Buckner KY  
 UHP Superintendent Riegelwood NC  
 UHP Superintendent-Shreveport, LA Bossier City LA  
 Ultra High Pressure Technician-Wilmington, NC Riegelwood NC  
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Thompson Industrial Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.

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